I live in Mooresville, NC with my Husband, Daughter and cats. I have been an avid seeker
most of my life. I rarely take things at face value and I pride myself on my desire to
know the truth about humanity, spirituality and life. What fueled my quest was a deep
knowing of a place far grander than my small earthly existence; a place of peace,
harmony and unconditional love.

I never considered myself a “Religious” person, but always considered myself a mystical
and spiritual person. It never felt right being told what I should believe; I wanted my
own firsthand experience. I knew that something wonderful existed, but I saw very little
evidence of it in my life. One of the hardest things I ever did was to be able to let go and
develop faith. It took me a while to get there, and not without the help of many who had
walked the path before me. These gifted Spiritual Teachers showed me the path to
freedom, freedom from the restraints of over-identifying with my mortal body,
circumstances, negative thoughts and feelings. I realized that my own faulty perception
of the world is what jaded my sight. My teachers helped me reconnect with my true
essence of unconditional love. After much healing and realization I discovered that Earth
is that wonderful and miraculous place I always wanted it to be.

I have experienced the Dark Night of the Soul and seen the darker side of my own
psyche. This has given me the compassion, understanding and knowledge necessary to
help others towards healing and wholeness. I am strongly empathic and can connect on a
very deep level. I am able to identify emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks; illuminating
the core of a problem. Attaining spiritual growth and enlightenment are not always easy,
but the far reaching benefits are well worth it.


Doctor of Science in Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative   
Medicine, PhD, Delphi University, 2010   

Doctor of Science in RoHun Integrative Therapy, Delphi University 2010

Doctor of Science in Metaphysics, Delphi University, 2010

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Delphi University 2010

Clinically Certified RoHun Therapist, The RoHun Institute, 2010

Ordination as a Minister in the Church of Wisdom, Atlanta Georgia 2008

Masters of Science Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Delphi University, 2008

Certified Traditional Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, Inner Power Fitness,
Mike Gentile Traditional Reiki Master Teacher, 2008

Bachelors of Science Degree in Metaphysics, Delphi University, 2008

Completed-Self Enlightenment Meditation Training- Introductory Mystical Path Training,
Initiates Training-Purification and Transformation I & II, Advanced Initiates Training-
Purification and Ascension I & II, Eternal Way Training,-Initiation of Air, Fire and Water.
Education branch of the Self-Enlightenment  Ashram, Delphi University, 2007-Current

Certified in Relationship Dynamics, Delphi University, 2006

Certification as a Spiritual Healer, Delphi University, 2005

Certificate of Mediumship, the Arthur Ford International Academy, Delphi University, 2004

                     Crystal Vision Healing
Rev. Carolyn A. Underwood, PhD, CCRhT
Consultation Room
Healing Room
Rev. Carolyn A Underwood, PhD
Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Certified Clinical RoHun™ Therapist
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Metaphysician Practitioner

Mooresville, NC

Member of The Healing Works Professional Association, The RoHun™ Professional
Association & The International Registry of Spiritual Healers.


  • All Energy Healing, Enlightenment Processes and Spiritual Coaching Sessions are spiritually based therapies
    and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently
    under the care of a physician receive advisement and approval before beginning any sessions.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are not replacements for professional financial or
    psychological advisement. I recommend that the advice of a trained and certified professional should be
    consulted before making any changes regarding important life decisions.

  • The Pet Readings or Healing are not a replacement for traditional Veterinary medical care or diagnoses. If you
    feel your pet is ill a Veterinarian should be consulted.
Spiritual Growth, Healing & Enlightenment