Workshop prices are based on time, and include up to six people, you can get a group
together and split the cost, or have a private workshop for the listed price. Reiki,
Enlightenment Path and Life Enrichment are private instruction only.

(Group instruction is not tailored to the individual, or as intensive as private instruction)

Reiki Usui Training Certification- Reiki is considered one of the simplest holistic healing
techniques. Special training or knowledge is not required before taking classes. Reiki is the
art of activating, directing, and channeling natural universal life energy, to promote energy
balancing, healing, and wholeness. It is used to help prevent disorders and to maintain a
state of positive wellness. Reiki is a gentle and loving energy, used to help you heal
naturally. Mr. Mikao Usui is the originator of this system of natural healing, and his lineage
has been passed down master to master for close to a century.

There are three levels of the Reiki practice and each has a specific purpose. During classes
you will go through a series of Attunements to raise your vibration to open yourself to
channel and heighten your sensitivity and intuitive abilities. Reiki energy is a beautiful
healing technique and is used for pure and benevolent purposes. Join me and unlock your
potential to become a channel of love, light, and healing.

Level One Reiki- In this class you will be introduced and attuned to art of Reiki Healing.
You will learn self-healing and how to incorporate a daily practice in order to keep you
balanced and open to Reiki energy. I will also cover information on energy systems within
the body and an overview of channeling.

Level Two Reiki- In this class you will learn to use the Reiki method on others, in person,
or from a distant/remote location. At this level you learn to incorporate Reiki energy into
your life on a new level, not only for your healing, but for the healing of the world.
Additionally this class offers in depth practice and instructions for creating a practice.

Level Three Reiki- Is the Master Teacher level of Reiki. In this class you will be attuned to
unlock your highest potential to channel the Reiki Ray in order to heal, teach, and attune

(Classes must be taken in consecutive order)

Reiki Level One Certification $175.00 per person
Reiki Level Two Certification $175.00 per person
Reiki Level Three Certification $200.00 per person

Certification awarded at the completion of each level.

Archetypal Healing Workshop-Archetypal Energies are specific aspects of our personality;
they have a positive and negative side. When this energy is out of balance we can
experience a variety of negativity in our life, including: feelings of lack, unworthiness or
emptiness.  No matter where you are in your personal evolution, this process can help you
bring more abundance and harmony in your life. During this workshop we will examine and
heal specific energies that may be out of balance; this process will help bring insight and
healing to a specific archetype within your unique personality.

$200.00, Two and one half hour workshop, Group instruction only (Look at the
Enlightenment Processes tab for private sessions).

Developing Your Intuition-This class will help you become more aware of your intuitive
gifts as well as strengthen and develop your natural intuitive channel. We all have the
ability to sense in an intuitive way, but years of conditioning and lack of use often create
blocks in this natural ability. During this workshop you will learn exercises and meditations
to help clear your channel so you can receive in a more profound way. I will show you the
mechanics in reading other's energy, how to tap into your own source of wisdom and
knowledge, strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm on a higher level and teach
you an easy to follow formatted intuitive reading for use in your personal life or your
practice as a professional.  

$175.00 Two hour, Adult Workshop.(Please bring a picture of someone you know well with
their eyes clearly showing to the workshop).

$250.00, Three hour Certification class, Only private instruction, (A Manual and Materials
will be provided, Certificate will be awarded at the conclusion of class).
Youth Workshop available, please call for details.

Healing Crystals Workshop- Learn the fine art of working with healing crystals. This two
hour workshop includes instruction covering: the specific energy and attributes of chakras,
types of crystals and their uses and properties, making Crystal Elixirs, and crystal care.   

$175.00, Two hour class, Private or group instruction available (Certificate of completion
will be awarded at the conclusion of class).

Past Life Regression Workshop-Past Life Regression is a process used to explore
memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. We have all experienced
moments of past life memories commonly known as Déjà vu. It might be an aspect of a
person, place or experience which is familiar, but he feeling is undeniable, unexplainable
and   often doesn't make sense in the context of our current life. Past Life Regression can
help bring peace to our current circumstances, reactions and fears, as well as, reveal
hidden gifts and talents.

$200.00, Two and one half hour workshop, Group instruction only (Look at the
Enlightenment Healing tab for private sessions).

Dream Analysis Workshop-Dreams are a wonderful tool for spiritual growth and
enlightenment; they illuminate what needs healing, and points us in the direction to our
greatest spiritual growth. Most people do not understand how to use their dreams to their
advantage, because they can be confusing, disjointed and often manifest out of context;
they don’t always make linear sense. Learn what your dreams are trying to tell you and
how they can help you!

$175.00, Two hour workshop, Private or group instruction available.

Ten Minute Meditation-In this busy world, meditation is often low on the list of most
people's priorities. Because of this fast paced world, it is especially important to find time
to energize, calm and center self. Most people believe that there is only one option and
you have to spend an hour or more in meditation a day. Although this may be optimal and
can be highly beneficial, many find it impossible to do on a regular basis consistently. In
this one hour class I will give you tools and techniques for implementing a meditative
practice for the busy and active lifestyle. You will learn heart centering, breathing,
grounding and Kundalini meditations that will fit into any schedule.

$150.00, Two hour Workshop, Private or group instruction available.

Exploring Energy Workshop-Explore the world around you. Everything is made up of
energy, this unseen world is powerful and affects us so many levels. Learn how to use this
energy to empower yourself and others. We will work with connecting with other’s energy,
aura exploration, transfiguration, concentrating your energy, and increasing and developing
your ability to feel and affect the energy around you.

$175.00, Two hour workshop, Group instruction only.

Color and Sound Workshop-Colors and sounds have a profound effect on our physical,
mental and emotional states. Each Chakra or energy center in our body resonates with a
specific color and sound. Learn the meanings behind the colors, and how to use them for
your optimal healing. Everything has a resonance, learn how to raise your vibrational
energy for you overall wellbeing. In this workshop we will explore chanting, tuning forks,
scents, and color therapy, and how it can assist you in balancing your energy.

$175.00, Two hour workshop, Private or group instruction available.

RoHun™ Group Workshop-RoHun is systematic, fast acting Spiritual Psychotherapy that
helps release blocks, allowing your unlimited potential and Spiritual-Self to express more
fully. Through the RoHun processes you attract more abundance, and positive opportunities
and experiences in your life.  During this Workshop you will discover and release negative
energy that may be blocking your progress through RoHun specific meditative processes.  
This process will help you feel lighter and more harmonious and balanced.

$200.00, Two and one half hour workshop, Group instruction only (Look at the
Enlightenment Processes tab for private sessions).

Enneagrams for your Growth-There are nine basic personality types. In this class we will
explore your dominant personality type and how that determines the ways in which you
have learned to adapt to your environment. This workshop will help you better understand
yourself, and illuminate your strengths, blocks, and fears so you can use your own gifts and
aspects to facilitate learning and growth.

$175.00, Two hour workshop, Private or group instruction available.

Energy Healing Workshop-Tap into your own natural channeling abilities; whether you are
interested in becoming an energy healer for others, or simply helping yourself, this
workshop will help you develop and hone your innate ability to be a channel of love light
and healing. During this Workshop your will learn how to channel energy from higher
source, exercises to help you clear and open your channel, become more sensitive so you
are able to feel energy, and identify blockages in the energy field.

$200.00, Two and one half hour workshop, Private or group instruction available.

Enlightenment Path Process Certification-Learn the fine art of Spiritual Psychotherapy. In
this intensive class you will learn how to journey through the energetic system to discover,
understand, and heal blocks or obstacles that may hinder the expression of your true
spiritual self. In this class you will learn healing techniques, meditative processes, the
Chakra  and energy systems, further develop your intuitive and channeling abilities, and
session protocol.

$600.00, Three, two hour classes, (This class is only for advanced students, Prerequisite for
class is: Intuitive Class, Chakra Healing Workshop,
LES Training, Energy Healing Workshop
and Self Growth Workshop. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the conclusion).

Additional Workshops Available:

Inner Sanctuary Meditation Training
$500.00, Three, Two hour workshop (Certificate)
Elemental Healing $200.00 One, Two and a half hour workshop
Life Enrichment Session Training $250.00, One, Three hour class (Certificate)
Pet Communication $175.00, One, Two hour workshop
Chakra Healing $200.00, One, Two and one half hour workshop

Please call or email for more details.

Rev. Carolyn A Underwood, PhD
Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Certified Clinical RoHun™ Therapist
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Metaphysician Practitioner

Mooresville, NC

Member of The Healing Works Professional Association, The RoHun™ Professional
Association & The International Registry of Spiritual Healers.


  • All Energy Healing, Enlightenment Processes and Spiritual Coaching Sessions are spiritually based therapies
    and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently
    under the care of a physician receive advisement and approval before beginning any sessions.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are not replacements for professional financial or
    psychological advisement. I recommend that the advice of a trained and certified professional should be
    consulted before making any changes regarding important life decisions.

  • Workshops and Classes, All students are responsible for their actions. Any instruction given is intended to aid
    the student for their spiritual benefit only, do not attempt to do any process on anyone that you are not
    professionally qualified by the state to do, like psychotherapy, life coaching, or any other mental or emotional

  • The Pet Readings or Healing are not a replacement for traditional Veterinary medical care or diagnoses. If you
    feel your pet is ill a Veterinarian should be consulted.
Spiritual Growth, Healing & Enlightenment