Reiki Healing Therapy- Reiki Energy Healing is an ancient Japanese healing technique
passed down from Master Teachers. Healing energy is channeled to help balance the energy
systems so that healing can occur naturally. Leaves you feeling relaxed and more peaceful.

$75.00 per session (Can be done remotely)

Intensive Energy Healing Session-Healing tailored to your individual needs. A combination
of tools are used to achieve balance within the Chakra system, so life energy can flow
unimpeded. I use hands on healing techniques, vibrational healing and crystals to remove
blocks and achieve optimal results. Leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

$100.00 per session

Crystal Healing Session-Discover the wonderful healing properties of Crystals. Crystals hold
unique vibrations of energy which effect and benefit specific energy centers. Within this
session I will use a variety of healing crystals to help unblock and balance your chakras and
energetic bodies in order to increase the flow of Kundalini or life force energy so it may flow
more freely. This session leaves you feeling refreshed, rested and more energetic.

$75.00 per session
Energy Healing
Rev. Carolyn A Underwood, PhD
Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Certified Clinical RoHun™ Therapist
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Metaphysician Practitioner

Mooresville, NC

Member of The Healing Works Professional Association, The RoHun™ Professional
Association & The International Registry of Spiritual Healers.


  • All Energy Healing, Enlightenment Processes and Spiritual Coaching Sessions are spiritually based therapies
    and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently
    under the care of a physician receive advisement and approval before beginning any sessions.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are not replacements for professional financial or
    psychological advisement. I recommend that the advice of a trained and certified professional should be
    consulted before making any changes regarding important life decisions.

  • The Pet Readings or Healing are not a replacement for traditional Veterinary medical care or diagnoses. If you
    feel your pet is ill a Veterinarian should be consulted.
Spiritual Growth, Healing & Enlightenment