Chakra Reading- This in depth session will cover your soul's purpose, mission and
lessons in this lifetime, your abilities and strengths, significant past lifetimes, blocks
preventing expression of your higher self and direction in life. I will read each Chakra's
energy and communicate how that energy affects your journey. This reading brings deep
understanding and clarity which leaves you with a new sense of direction, purpose and

$175.00 a session (This reading can be done remotely and can run 2 hours)

Energy/Aura Scan- An intuitive scan of the spiritual, mental and emotional energy fields.
This session will bring to light your strengths and gifts, as well as, any blocks or
imbalances that may hinder your true expression of life love. This is a very informative

$150.00 a session

Pet Healing and Communication Session-

  •      Better understand your pet
  •      Learn about past experiences of your pet
  •      Discover their likes and dislikes
  •      Heal negative behaviors
  •      Learn the dynamics of your relationship with your pet
  •      Live more harmoniously with your pet

My deep love of animals has been life-long. I have a natural intuitive ability to connect
with an animal's wants and needs and communicate vital information to and from them,
so deep healing can occur. I am gentle and know how to handle animals and always work
with the animals comfort in mind first. Trust is the number one ingredient in
communicating with and healing animals. I will treat your pet as if they were mine, with
love and respect.

I begin this session by connecting with your pet on a higher spiritual level. I will ask them
about their likes and dislikes, past traumas, and any experiences that may be affecting
them. I will ask them what changes they may need and communicate anything you want
to tell them. I will ask them about any health problems they may be having, including
medical treatment preferences, so you can discuss it with your Veterinarian. Then if
needed, I will facilitate healing by channeling spiritual energy to the areas in need.

Our pets are very sensitive and dependent on our energy. They have a wonderful ability to
read and absorb the energy we put out. This is great when we are positive, but if they
sense uneasiness, negativity, or fear they will react accordingly, and sometimes not in a
favorable way. Your pet can develop behaviors based on your conscious and subconscious
signals and emotional well-being. Sometimes just working with the pet is sufficient, but it
may become necessary to do energy work on both the pet and the owner to resolve an
issue, since the energies are often intertwined.

I prefer to do distance healing for pet readings, because I feel it is easier on the animal.
We can correspond via email, phone or schedule a private appointment to discuss the
findings. (A picture with the animal's eyes clearly showing is required).

$75.00 for one pet
$35.00 each additional pet

*Intuitive development classes available, see classes and workshops page
Intuitive Guidance
Rev. Carolyn A Underwood, PhD
Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Certified Clinical RoHun™ Therapist
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Metaphysician Practitioner

Mooresville, NC

Member of The Healing Works Professional Association, The RoHun™ Professional
Association & The International Registry of Spiritual Healers.


  • All Energy Healing, Enlightenment Processes and Spiritual Coaching Sessions are spiritually based therapies
    and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently
    under the care of a physician receive advisement and approval before beginning any sessions.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are not replacements for professional financial or
    psychological advisement. I recommend that the advice of a trained and certified professional should be
    consulted before making any changes regarding important life decisions.

  • The Pet Readings or Healing are not a replacement for traditional Veterinary medical care or diagnoses. If you
    feel your pet is ill a Veterinarian should be consulted.
Spiritual Growth, Healing & Enlightenment