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                                                          Energy of 2018

Wow, this year has been full of challenges. I think everyone has felt the negative energy
looming in the air. We have reached new lows, but also new heights. Accountability is in full
swing, and the dynamic is changing quickly. There is no place for the shadows to hide
anymore; too much light has been cast in the world.

Now that the Shadows are fully visible, it is time to understand, accept and forgive. There has
been far too much blame and putting others down. It is time to lift others up with love,
encouragement and forgiveness, after all we are all human, who of us has not done something
in our past that we regret. Should we wipe away all the good one does over past indiscretions?
No one should be put on a pedestal. When we expect too much out of anyone, including
political figures, actors, sports figures, etc. we are setting them and us up for a fall. No one is
perfect, or “The way we wish or think they should be”. The perfection in life is all about
acceptance of what is. When we stray from our Divine nature we learn, grow, and become
better, stronger and wiser as a result. Buddhists have a saying, “You have to know who you are
not, before you can know who you are”. This is all a part of the Divine process. Right now this
Divine process has been accelerated, it is moving faster than ever, and most can’t keep up
with it; this creates disharmony. As Humans we have to feel uncomfortable to motivate us to
change, or chose differently.

Our Shadow self is screaming to be healed, it only wants to be acknowledged, heard,
understood and loved. Think of it as a small child reaching out for your help. Take the time to
acknowledge and understand why you do what you do; what are your underlying motives?
Underneath every bad action is a part that is yearning to feel whole, empowered, loved and
worthy. On a subconscious level we feel the need to put others down in order to feel better
about ourselves. This obviously does not work well, because we add to the very thing we are
trying to remedy. A very wise woman once said to me that when you are shouting at the top
of your lungs you are wrong to another, you are actually saying it to yourself. Forcing your
views on others is merely an attempt to empower yourself by dis-empowering others.

Think twice before you cast judgement, blame or say a mean remark to anyone, even question
your thoughts. What lost part of you needs to feel right, superior, justified, or vindictive?
Investigate why you feel the way you do, and start to give yourself what you really desire
down deep. Is it love, acceptance, worth, understanding, etc.? Also keep in mind that the
negative actions of others are motivated by the same. If everyone really knew love, they
would not do or say negative things. As Christ said, “They know not what they do”. You have a
choice to be asleep and live in the nightmare, or be awake and free.  Contrary to popular
belief, we are all on the same team. It is okay to let go of your bias and hatred towards others.
Step off the Karmic wheel and make the conscious choice every day to do so. The way to unity
is to heal the division within us, and then it will be reflected into the world. We may have
different opinions of how to achieve a peaceful and harmonious world, but deep down we all
want the same thing.

This year is about waking up and discovering your wholeness. There still will be crazy events,
but know that all is divinely designed to help us evolve. Try to stay grounded and centered,
and don’t let people, events or circumstances deter you, be a part of the solution and not the
problem. We will still be on the path to accountability. At this point shocking news should not
be shocking anymore. Think of it as another Shadow illuminated and rejoice. We need to own
our shadow entirely. That means taking responsibility for everything that we have created in
our life and the world, bad and good. We may not have chosen an exact event to take place,
but we do chose to learn certain lessons, and when we are not aware and participating the
lessons can come in a very difficult form.  

I have had my own challenges this year. My 92 year old father suffered a massive stroke
leaving him paralyzed on the right side and unable to speak very well, but through his ups and
downs he found a way to smile and enjoy life. He is my inspiration for sure. Not sure I would
have done as well as he is doing. This ordeal has forced me to examine my own fears, beliefs
and, resolve. I am learning to be at peace with uncertainty, to accept what I do not know or
understand.  I am still learning and it is very difficult at times, but the thing that gets me
through is reminding me that it is all in the Divine Plan, and it will be okay, no matter the

I do sense brightness ahead, not sure what that looks like, but it feels open and free. We have
been stuck in a negative cycle for a long time and although it is burning out a bit, we need a
catalyst to shake us up enough to wake us up so we re-evaluate our current belief system. In
time it will yield positive results, this is good!

For the spiritually aware this year should be a great one if you don’t let yourself get caught up
in the negative dynamic of others. If possible refrain from watching too much news, taking
sides and blaming others for your predicament. When you blame others, you give your power
away. When you take the time to recognize what your thoughts have created, you open in a
new way and you start to see different ways, possibilities, options and solutions not seen
before. A great question to ask yourself this year is “What if I am wrong, and they are right?”
Don’t be so quick to discount others. Stay open to the truth, no matter what it is even if you
don’t like it. Do you want to be right or be happy? The one is short lived, the other is eternal.

Whatever you believe your world to be, is what it will be; your choice? Hope is alive and well.
Hope is the energy of the child who trusts and is excited about the future. Be the change you
seek, and have a great year!

In Light & Love, Carolyn

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