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                                                         Energy of 2019

“Seek not too change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world”. This is the
motto I have on my website, and comes from a “Course in Miracles”. This is the energy of the
coming year. The only way to change the world, or your view of it, is to heal your inner world.
Every time you see and problem outside yourself it reflects an imbalance inside of you.

I see a lot of empathic people in my practice. Let me get one thing straight; if you are feeling
an emotion, it is your emotion. You are the one feeling it, and you are feeling it for a reason,
and it needs attention. The only reason we are affected by others emotions is that they are
familiar, it rings true within us. If you can’t bear someone because of what they do or how
they feel, then you can be sure it represents part of you. It may not manifest in the same
fashion, but the energy will be similar. These parts of us are called disowned parts.
Often our need to fix others is our own need to feel better. Everyone has a fully formed soul
capable of healing them, if we keep coming to their rescue, they will never learn to help
themselves, and discoverer their power or wisdom. When forced, we are more resourceful
that we know. You can be a support and encourage, but let them figure it out. You can
recognize other’s pain without attaching to it in an unhealthy way.

There is so much hatred and anger going on right now; we can’t stand this person, political
party or situation. The reason we do not like them is that something in their energy triggers
our own pain, pain that originates in us, not them. We are constantly putting blame outside
ourselves. When you do this, you are powerless to change it. You can’t change how others are,
or feel, but you can change how you are triggered by it. As long as people blame outside
sources for the way they feel, nothing will change, we will be stuck in this negative dynamic.
Just entertain the thought that my perception could be off, maybe there is another way? Be
open to being wrong, it may set you free.  When I encounter someone who I have aversion to,
I ask myself, what disowned part of me do they represent?

Sometimes it is very hard to see that the source of our pain is actually within. When you have
a negative emotion, don’t stop at the surface, dig deeper. What is the feeling telling you?
Remember you are seeing what needs healing, and it doesn't come from the outside. For
instance: I might be mad at our president, a congressman or senator for being ugly, uncaring
or insensitive. Ask: where am I being ugly, uncaring or insensitive to myself and/or others?
What’s behind the anger that I am feeling? When I am angry maybe I feel powerless,
worthless, etc. Think about times in your life that you have felt that before. Imagine that self,
and give them love, understanding and acceptance. They are crying out for attention, and to
be healed.

You can still disagree with someone and take action, but not get upset or frustrated about it.
I've heard some pretty terrible things pointed at political figures, violent things. Our hatred
lives in us, we are the ones that feel it, and we are the ones that deal with the damage it does
to our bodies, and the people around us. Use your anger for the positive, Say I’m tired of
feeling negative, and I am going to do something about it this year. Turn your anger into
passion, the passion to heal yourself.

When we allow our hurt parts to run the show, we certainly relinquished our power. Nothing
can be done to remedy a problem if we feel or believe we are powerless. Just entertain the
thought that maybe the major problem is the way we feel, not what’s happening or being said.
Often the lessons in life are difficult and someone or something has to be the catalyst,
whether we like it or not. We all are responsible for our own actions; even the other guy, and
it may not be right, but honestly I trust spirit to determine what is right and wrong. As humans
we see such a tiny part of the bigger picture. What I perceive as a problem, may not be a
problem at all? Everything going on right now may have a greater and better purpose. One
thing that is obvious is we need a shift in this country. The current dynamic is not working, we
are at a stalemate, but everything is certainly all out in the open now. The only way to come
to a peaceful conclusion is to stop hating, justified or not, then the wisdom and clarity will

This year it is simple, look within and heal the madness, and the world will follow. Our light is
magnified when we shine purely and let go of hatred and resentment. Our energy is
contagious and can be a positive influence. One being shining brightly can affect 10,000 others.
We change our energy, we change those around us. We are so powerful, just being the
example.  I don’t feel drawn to predict this year. It is all up to us, and what energy we put into
it, the future is negotiable. Change your energy and it will change your future. I can say that if
we do not wake up to the healing that needs to take place inside, we will see much of the
same, probably worse. If we do, things will start to turn around. Our future is in our hands, no
fate or destiny. We create either a positive world, or an ugly one. Which one will you create
this year?  

In Light & Love, Carolyn

  • All Energy Healing, Enlightenment Processes and Spiritual Coaching Sessions are spiritually based therapies
    and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently
    under the care of a physician receive advisement and approval before beginning any sessions.

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