Enlightenment Path Process

We all heal or achieve enlightenment and growth at our own personal rate. As we expand and learn, new layers of negative thoughts and feelings will surface. This session will help clear the layer that is ready to be discovered and healed. As your energy changes to a more positive state, what you attract will also change, your outlook on life will become brighter and lighter, and you will feel more connected to the spiritual source of love, harmony and wisdom.  This session takes you on a journey through your energetic systems to discover, understand and heal blocks that may hinder the expression of your true self.

$200.00 per session

The Blue Lotus Process

The Blue Lotus is a symbol of rebirth. In order to recreate your life, and become your authentic self you have to discover and heal what stands in your way. Our thoughts and beliefs, good or bad, manifest our reality. When we are not connected to our Spiritual essence, our Divine inspiration and intention become blocked, enabling our lower thoughts and beliefs to manifest in our physical reality. These faulty thoughts are created early in life, or in a past life, and are often hidden from our conscious mind, causing dysfunction in our lives and bodies.

In this process we will look at the negative thought patterns and beliefs that block you from living a fulfilled life. We will discover the origins of these patterns, why you continue to hang on to them, and what manifests in your life as a result of them?  Then we will heal the underlying cause, and reconnect you to your spiritual presence so you have full access to your Divine inspiration and wisdom. This enables you to elevate your thoughts, become more confident, start to attract positive people and situations, and gain clarity about your purpose and direction in your life. 

$200.00 per session

Sacred Kinship Process

Every relationship that we have is a reflection of our relationship to ourselves. In life many struggle with their relationships with others, which often leaves them feeling helpless, powerless, ineffective, silenced, isolated or abused. Anytime we are not connected to our spiritual essence we will seek what we’re missing in others, because we are striving to be whole and complete. The truth is that others don’t have what we need; it is an illusion that we fall for, which then sets us up for a dependent/victim relationship. This dynamic will lead to disappointment or abusive situations every time. It takes two to tango, and discovering our part in the dance is the path to freedom. The trick is not to change them, but change how we perceive and react to them. If can recognize that we are the source of what we need, then we don’t require them to be anything but themselves.

This wounded part of us needs acknowledgement, understanding, compassion, and love.  This spiritually based process looks at what triggers you, why it triggers you, what part of you is being reflected and affected, and reconnects you to your sense of wholeness. Imagine being around all kinds of discord and strife, and not being triggered or held hostage by any of it; that’s true freedom, and it is possible! 

$200.00 per session

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a process used to explore memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. We have all experienced moments of past life memories commonly known as Déjà vu. It might be an aspect of a person, place or experience which is familiar; the feeling is undeniable and unexplainable, and often doesn’t make sense in the context of our current life. Past Life Regression can help bring peace to our current circumstances, reactions and fears, as well as, reveal hidden gifts and talents.  

$200.00 per session

Archetypal Healing Session ©

Everyone’s personality is made up of a combination of Archetypal energies. These aspects can sometimes become out of balance causing blockages in our ability to manifest our dreams and desires. Within this session we will discover the specific energies that stand in the way of your positive motion in life. Through a meditative process we will facilitate healing in a specific Archetype and strengthen its positive attributes freeing the expression of your true self.

$200.00 per session

RoHun™ Integrative Therapy

RoHun is an intensive, systematic and rapid acting Spiritual Psychotherapy for self-exploration transformation and enlightenment. Through accessing the Higher Self or Inspired Mind, RoHun effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows within the regions of the Ego-Self that can hinder a joyful, fulfilling and productive life. This holistic enlightenment process is a cooperative effort between the therapist and client; together discovering and healing and releasing faulty perceptions, thoughts and beliefs, allowing for the full expression of Divine love, wisdom, confidence and strength.

RoHun™ Card Session

Experience the transformational power of RoHun Integrative Therapy. During this session we will uncover one major block that is stopping your progress in life. This process will help you gain understanding, thus enabling you to release and change old thought patterns and behaviors.

$150.00 per session.

RoHun™ Cleanse Session

The RoHun Cleanse is a full length session that gives you an opportunity to experience RoHun therapy and build a bond of trust with the Therapist.  This session will help cleanse feelings of unworthiness, fear, helplessness, and judgment. It will strengthen your connection with your Higher-Self and leave you feeling lighter and freer.

$250.00 per session.

RoHun™ Purification Process

The Purification Process is an in-depth cleansing of the faulty thoughts, feelings and patterns of victimization that you hold within your lifetime.  This process is the first half of a transformative series that will help you remove blocks which hold you back from fully knowing your spiritual power and self. During this three session intensive process, we will cleanse and heal three complete layers of blocks within your energetic system. This allows you to shift to a heightened level of awareness, love and creative productivity; it facilitates peace of mind and a deeper sense of purpose, clarity and direction.

This in depth process consists of three 2-3 hour sessions, $850.00

(This process is done in consecutive days)

RoHun™ Caged-One Process

The Caged-One Process is the second half of this transformational series. It moves you to greater depths of consciousness where elements of your shadows surface.  Caged-One energy reveals all those secretly held and abusive thoughts and feelings that you hold about yourself.  These thoughts and feelings are “Caged”, or locked away from your conscious awareness.  This process illuminates how and why you unconsciously use the shadow energy within your life, so healing can take place and you can use your energy in a more positive and productive way. 

This powerful deep healing process consists of three 2-3 hour sessions, $950.00

(This process is done in consecutive days)

RoHun™ Skim Session

The RoHun Skim session can be done anytime following the RoHun Purification Process. As layers of energy are cleared away, deeper layers can surface causing blockages and imbalances. This session will skim any newly discovered layers of negative energy and uncover faulty thoughts and beliefs ready to be understood, healed and released. It leaves you feeling refreshed, and nourishes your Inner-Self.

$200.00 a session.

Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance Sessions are available for Therapy clients, please inquire!


All Therapies, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing and Coaching/Counseling Sessions that I offer are spiritually based practices, and not replacements for traditional medical or psychological treatment. I require that anyone who is currently under the care of a physician for any physical or psychological condition receive advisement and approval before beginning any of my services.

All Therapies, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing and Counseling/Coaching Sessions I offer are not replacements for professional, financial, medical, or psychological advisement or care. The advice of a trained and certified professional should be consulted before making any decisions regarding life or health, changes or actions.

Everyone’s growth and healing rate is different, and is cleared in layers. It can take months or years to achieve desired results.